Wednesday, 23 August 2017

MY: Oversized carrom boards

Early last month I had a call from a new customer wanting carrom boards which is pretty normal but never like this. In the 6 years that we've been doing this business, this is the very first time a customer wanted an abnormally over-sized boards. I mentioned this to my supplier and he took up the challenge to have it done and it's almost nearing completion. 3 units of 2 different sizes.

I had the experience of seeing this boards being used in a club in the UK during my recent participating in the 7th World Carrom Championships. The boards were really oversized, pockets were standard and so were the carrommen but not the strikers. Strikers were at least 1.5X bigger in diameter than the ICF standard ones. And you don't sit but stand and play. Some countries where this carrom is still being played and popular is Nepal, Bangladesh and perhaps even some parts of India.

Below are some pictures - if you see what I mean.

Take note of the striker size - HUGE! Gripping it is challenging

Sunday, 6 August 2017

MY: Record Sales

UPDATE: Another 1 dozen sold just last week. That's a total of 7 dozen strikers (84 pieces) in just 1.5 months. Thank you to all customers.

Dear Friends, we've been around for close to 6 years now and have been selling everything related to and dedicated to ICF carrom which includes:

1. Competition standard carrom boards with protective nylon cover
2. Foldable & adjustable aluminium stands with nylon casing/bag
3. Competition strikers (measured below 15gms & 4.13cm diameter)
4. Competition quality carrommen
5. Carrom board shoulder bag
6. Potato flour &
7. Brush

Having said that - last month we received a record order for strikers - 60 pieces from a single customer and successfully delivered. And just last week another order of 12 pieces, also from a single customer. That's an all time record for Super Slam Carrom House since the establishment of this business to promote ICF format carrom in Malaysia. This record is only due to the trust you have in us.

Thank you for trusting us to supply you with only the best quality equipment and accessories.

Monday, 17 July 2017

MY: Spanking brand new strikers (Diameter measured & below 15gms)

Dear carrom friends, we know some of you have been waiting for new stocks to arrive for a long time - so here you go. All the strikers pictured below meets the specifications set by ICF (diameter) and weights below 15gms. Do get in touch with us to find out about the price.

Box A
Box B 
Box C
Box D 
Box G
Box H
Here's how to place your order:

1. Indicate the Box #
2. Row # - 1 to 6
3. Left or Right

It's that SIMPLE.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

MY: Super Slam Carrom House-KaromasKL Singles Challenge 2017


Dear Carrom Lovers, we're proud to announce the above tournament. Details are given below:

Date: 06 August 2017

Time: 9am (Registration, draw & verification of striker)

Venue: 1st Floor, Wisma OCM, Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur (Lift Area)

Fee: RM30 (Closing date for entries is 31 July). All fees MUST be paid before the closing date. First 40 players to register and pay will be included in the draw.

Format of play: Group Round Robin, 8 boards/25pts whichever comes first (ICF laws of carrom). Maximum 40 players. 8 Groups with 5 players each.


Further details are given below:


Saturday, 27 May 2017

MY: Dedicated to a Fallen Comrade

On behalf of all national carrom players, we would like to extend our condolences to the family of the late Puan Jamilah Ibrahim who passed away on the 1st of May 2017. Personally it was a shock to me as we met not too long ago as we were preparing for the championship. We've personally known each other for more 10 years as she's been representing the state of Penang for the MAKSAK (for civil servants comprising of darts, chess & carrom) games.

She also represented Team Malaysia for international events. Beginning 2011 when ICF Cup was hosted by Malaysia, followed by the World Championships in Colombo Sri Lanka in 2012 and finally in 2016 World Championships in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I still remember the dedication she put in to come all the way from Penang to Kuala Lumpur for centralized training before we left for UK.

Thank you for your friendship, dedication and contribution towards the game that we all love - CARROM. You'll be missed! RIP!

Standing on the left with the ladies team
3rd from the left with the rest of team members
In action in the Women Doubles event against Sri Lanka
Women Doubles event against Sri Lanka - preparing to break

Friday, 21 April 2017

7th Carrom World Championships 2016, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Team Malaysia - Who represented the team

Official championship logo
1. Christopher Walter (Player cum Team Manager)
2. Mohd Suhaizan Mat Karri
3. Mohd Azahar Zakaria
4. S. Gopi

1. Suzana Sulaiman
2. Jamilah Ibrahim
3. Norzalina Mokhtar
4. Roslina Mohd Nordin

The team met for centralized training at least on 2 separate weekends and there was a lot of coordination work and effort by just a few to make this trip a success. Namely Mr. Samohon (President of the national association) & Mr. Sahipul (Sec. Gen. of the association) and not forgetting yours truly. I remember the President doing most of the runs to government agencies, t-shirt suppliers and making tonnes of calls to get things ready for the team to leave. And there are some members sitting on the sidelines, doing just about nothing. Amazingly on the day of AGM, all they do is point fingers at others except themselves, worst of all they want/demand for positions in the association. After all that's said and done - ZERO contribution. A sad state of affairs.

Having said that, the team departed on the 5th of November to Birmingham, UK and returned on the 16th/17th respectively depending on the flights they took.

Types of Events

There was 4 events in total and the Malaysian contingent participated in all 4.

1. Singles (Men & Women)
2. Team (Men & Women)
3. Swiss League (Open Event)
4. Doubles (Men & Women)

Day 1 - Doubles
Day 2 - Swiss League
Day 3 - Team Event
Day 4 & 5 - Singles


1a. Singles - Men (Total 62 participants)

1. Christopher Walter (Ranking - 34)
2. Mohd Suhaizan Mat Karri (Ranking - 46)
3. Mohd Azahar Zakaria (Ranking - 59)
4. S. Gopi (Ranking - 57)

1b. Singles - Women (Total 33 participants)

1. Suzana Sulaiman (Ranking - 20)
2. Jamilah Ibrahim (Ranking - 26)
3. Norzalina Mokhtar (Ranking - 30)
4. Roslina Mohd Nordin (Ranking - 29)

2a. Women Team (Total 3 Groups)

Group 1 - India, Europe & Malaysia
Group 2 - Sri Lanka, Germany & France
Group 3 - Maldives, USA & UK

Malaysia ended up losing both matches and did not proceed to the next round.

2b. Men Team (Total 3 Groups)

Group 1 - India, France, USA & Czech
Group 2 - Maldives, Switzerland, Poland & Malaysia
Group 3 - UK, Canada, Pakistan & Korea
Group 4 - Sri Lanka, Germany & Italy

Malaysia ended up finishing 3rd in the group and did not proceed to the next round.

3. Swiss League (Total of 127 players)

Final ranking of our players after 8 rounds (in bracket).

1. Mohd Suhaizan Mat Karri (Ranking - 37). 5 Wins & 3 Losses
2. Christopher Walter (Ranking - 38). 5 Wins & 3 Losses
3. Mohd Azahar Zakaria (Ranking - 64). 4 Wins & 4 Losses
4. Suzana Sulaiman (Ranking - 103). 3 Wins & 5 Losses
5. Jamilah Ibrahim (Ranking - 107). 3 Wins & 5 Losses
6. S. Gopi (Ranking - 109). 3 Wins & 5 Losses
7. Roslina Mohd Nordin (Ranking - 112). 2 Wins & 6 Losses
8. Norzalina Mokhtar (Ranking - 118). 2 Wins & 6 Losses

4a. Women Doubles (Total 15 Pairs) - Knock-out

Pair #1 (Suzana/Jamilah) vs (Yasika/Arosha) SL - Lost (1-25, 9-25)
Pair #2 (Roslina/Nor Zalina) vs (Aminath/Aminah) MDV - Lost (4-25, 10-19)

4b. Men Doubles (Total 30 Pairs) - Knock-out

Pair #1 (Chris/Suhaizan) vs (Shankara/Prashant) IND - Lost (1-25, 4-25)
Pair #2 (Azahar/Gopi) vs (Hilmy/Sherifdeen) SL - Lost (0-25, 0-25)


Team Discussions 
Team Discussions 
MY Women Players
MY Team
MY Men's Team
With Louis from Team Canada
Brand new SYNCO boards but with many faulty ones 
Championship Logo on the board frame


Poland vs Italy 
Poland vs Italy
Maldives vs Germany
Maldives vs Germany
UK vs Germany
UK vs Germany
Swiss vs France
Swiss vs France
Czech vs Korea
Czech vs Korea
Canada vs Pakistan
Canada vs Pakistan
Maldives vs USA
Maldives vs USA
Poland vs Italy
Poland vs Italy
Canada vs UK
Canada vs UK
Switzerland vs USA
Switzerland vs USA

Sri Lanka vs Malaysia 
Sri Lanka vs Malaysia
Maldives vs Malaysia
Italy vs Poland
Maldives vs Malaysia
Switzerland vs Sri Lanka
Italy vs USA
Czech vs Korea
Sri Lanka vs France
Sri Lanka vs France
Friendly practice between Yogesh & Kajal
Friendly practice between Rashmi & Pierre 
France vs USA 
Maldives vs Italy
Sri Lanka vs France
Sri Lanka vs France
India vs Czech
India vs Czech
UK vs Switzerland
With Rashmi Kumari of India
With Rashmi Kumari of India
Men Doubles semi-finals (India vs Sri Lanka)
Men Doubles semi-finals (India vs Sri Lanka)
Women Doubles semi-finals (India vs Sri Lanka)
Women Doubles semi-finals (India vs Sri Lanka)
Women Doubles semi-finals (India vs Sri Lanka)
Women Doubles semi-finals (India vs Sri Lanka)
Men Doubles q-finals (India vs France)
Men Doubles q-finals (India vs France)
Aerial view of Men Doubles finals (India vs India)
Men Doubles finals (India vs India)

Women Doubles finals (India vs India)

View of the playing venue/hall

Prize giving ceremony for Doubles

Women Doubles 3rd place (Chalani/Roshita of Sri Lanka)

Women Doubles runners-up (Parimala/Tuba of India)

Women Doubles CHAMPION (Appoorwa/Kajol of India)

Winners of the Women Doubles with the Officials

Men Doubles 3rd place (Hilmy/Sherifdeen of Sri Lanka)
Men Doubles runners-up (Shankara/Prashant of India)

Men Doubles CHAMPIONS (Riyaz/Sandeep of India) with the Officials


Victorious Men's Team Champions (Sri Lanka)
Men's Team Champions (Sri Lanka) - joined by the Women's Team

Men Doubles - Sandeep Deorukhkar & Riyaz Akbarali (India)
Runners-up - R.M. Shankara & Prashant More (India)

Women Doubles - Kajol Kumari & S. Appoorwa (India)
Runners-up - Parimala Devi & Tuba Sehar (India)

Swiss league champion - Chamil Cooray (Sri Lanka)
2nd place - Sandeep Deorukhkar (India)
3rd place - Nishanta Fernando (Sri Lanka)

Men Team Champions - Sri Lanka
Runners-up - India
3rd place - Maldives

Women Team Champions - India
Runners-up - Sri Lanka
3rd place - Maldives

Men Singles Champion - Prashant More (India)
Runner-up - Riyaz Akbarali (India)
3rd place - Yogesh Pardeshi (India)

Women Singles Champion - S. Appoorwa (India)
Runner-up - Parimala Devi (India)
3rd place - Rashmi Kumari (India)
Thank you for reading and apologies for the delay in publishing this report.